Katsunori Tanaka … Guitar/Screeem

Yama … Bass/Eva

Takuya Myojo … Drum/Psycho

A Cyberne live show is an aurally challenging and physically exhausting affair.
They are truly one of Japans greatest live bands.
While they have put out consistently punishing recordings it is live on stage they are at their most potent.

The underground music scene of Japan (and more specifically Osaka) has a history of producing, extreme and innovative bands and these guys maintain that legacy.
(text by We Empty Rooms/2012)

On the first hand, attracted by the unique and diverse understanding of chaos and intensity held dear to death-metal bands, Basement Apes Industries saw in this quartet more than a quick-to-listen band.
On the other hand, clear influences from 90’s Hardcore metal North-american bands came full circle.

While vomiting some very violent tunes with aggressivity at its apex in consequence of the permanent use of a megaphone, groove is always at stake, which disrupts the common schemes.
The music is enhanced with doom and stoner riffage, making CYBERNE switch from a style to another, bringing about the need to keep your attention focused.
They are a member of a very small international elite capable of imaginating sounds that stand beyond the realm of understanding and standards. (text by Basement Apes Industries/2010)